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Servicing marinas, cruise lines, residential and commercial properties, municipal and governmental agencies, golf courses, realtors, brokerage groups and private owners, Sea Me Dive provides professional, reliable and innovative marine construction and commercial diving services. Founded in 2004, Sea Me Dive has become an authority in underwater seawall, docks and pier inspections, restoration and protection for South Florida and the Caribbean.

Sea Me Dive is comprised
of two divisions:


Our teams have extensive international experience in marine work, concrete restorations and commercial diving in Africa, the Middle-East, Alaska, Florida & the Caribbean, that allows us to offer a unique professional combination of services. Our Marine Construction division provides professional under water and near water inspections, concrete restorations, consulting, and innovative solutions for the restoration of seawalls, docks, piers, buildings,  pilings, embankments and ponds, as well as creative underwater projects of unique diving sites and reefs. We reinforce sea walls, rebuild docks and install retaining walls. We also install the filter systems necessary to relieve the hydro-static pressures created by rain water and tidal surges trapped behind structures. Our team will complete an extensive inspection and make any necessary recommendations to provide safe marine structures that will pass inspection and hold up for years to come. With sea levels continually rising in South Florida, it is vitally important that businesses and property owners evaluate the impact of erosion on their water front properties. We collaborate with companies that are creating cutting edge, environmental, durable products that can withstand time and environment conditions.

Commercial Diving

Sea Me Dive provides our clients with customized solutions and individual attention, regardless of the size of the project or budget. Each Sea Me Dive client is treated as our most important client. But why take our word for it! Visit our page on google and simply read our reviews.

Our Commercial diving division provides services for marinas, ports, piers, boat yards, dry docks, cities, golf courses, cruise lines, yachts and mega yachts with under water professional services and solutions. We offer our clients scheduled maintenance programs with full detailed monthly reports and underwater repair services.

Our experienced marine professionals are available year-round to assist and consult with our clients. We are committed to safety, integrity and excellence in our field. Client satisfaction is the benchmark by which we measure our success.

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