Commercial Diving

Sea Me Dive has become an integral part of the Marine industry in South Florida, we provide a wide range of commercial diving services to municipal agencies, marinas, boat yards and dry dock facilities. Our team of fully certified professional commercial divers have experience in all aspects of commercial diving from hull repairs and salvage, to coral relocation and underwater welding. Safety is our top priority on all Sea Me Dive projects. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in-house. Each Sea Me Dive client receives personalized consultation, assessment and solutions for any marine need.

Among the services:

  • Under water cutting and welding
  • Under water rigging
  • Salvage and removal of in-water obstruction
  • Under water demolition rocks removal
  • Dry docking, syncro lifts and travel lifts.
  • Maintenance of flood gates, canals and marine structures.
  • Under water video inspections.
  • Under water concrete and Epoxy repairs.
  • Under water Pipe Inspections.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Marine Moorings, helix systems, Embedment Anchors, and Regulatory Buoys
  • Coral Repair, Relocation, and Transplantation
  • Foundation and Cofferdam Specialist
  • Propeller & Shaft Changes while vessel is waterborne
  • Underwater Pipe Penetration Specialist
  • Underwater Hull Cleaning and Repairs

Travel Lift Blocking

SMD provides boat yards with commercially trained divers for the positioning & blocking of travel lift straps. Our team will perform all necessary steps to insure Vessel and travel lift safety due to our extensive experience of loading Yachts & mega yachts on to cargo Ships.