Marine Construction

The South Florida and the Caribbean region is uniquely challenged by adverse weather conditions and heavy annual rainfall, which leads to a high hydraulic load pressure on existing seawall and near-water structures. Additionally, many seawalls, docks and piers are exposed to the corrosive effects of salt water, resulting in cracks, pitted surfaces and erosion, which together with the extensive heat and humidity promote invasive marine growth. If left unattended, these conditions can result in partial or total seawall/dock/pier failure. Sea Me Dive specializes in customized complete restoration solutions for near-water structures. We build breathtaking docks, restore seawalls, wrap pilings, create new organic looks for shoring and embankments, install retaining walls and construct environmental seawalls which promote balanced conditions for strength of both seawalls and marine life. Whatever type of structure it is, we will bring durable, long lasting solutions that are also beautiful and integrated with the surrounding environment.