Fort Lauderdale Marina Seawall Repair

The Marina is situated along the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale. It has a restaurant, a dock store, and office facilities that are partially constructed over the ICW. The project was divided into separate phases. To protect the integrity of the seawall we installed Jet Filters along the 60% of its length that required them. Due to the unique construction of the property, a challenge was presented to us to shore up a 100-foot section of seawall with 132 tons of riprap rock that was under an existing structure. The use of a crane was not possible due to the overhead environment, therefore our company constructed an underwater steel sled. Riprap rock was mobilized in front of the structure at the open basin area. Divers proceeded to load the steel sled with riprap rocks, 3 tons at a time, and carried the cage to the seawall using lift bags. An estimated 80 existing wooden pilings were jet cleaned and wrapped with a protective sleeve. In areas of extreme material loss, sleeves were filled and reinforced with concrete. We conducted full concrete restoration work of the concrete superstructure using cutting edge building materials. The greatest challenge of the project was that our ability to perform the required work was dictated by tidal movement and level. The work had to be carried out while the businesses proceeded with their normal workday operations.

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