Residential Seawall Erosion Repair

A private riverfront estate was experiencing tidal flooding and erosion. It had a compromised seawall along half the property line and was completely exposed to the river along the rest. The open area was at the total mercy of the tides. We shored the existing 165’ Riprap wall with two new rows of concrete bags but were faced with the dilemma of how to treat the 100-foot open expanse. The solution was to build a zombie wall in the riverbed along the property line. We inserted 8 tie-back anchors (w/concrete dead-man) and pumped out the water. Mirafi erosion fabric was then applied along this new section and pegged back to the dry shore line with rebar stakes. Once all this was completed, we mobilized clean fill into the area reclaiming what the river had taken. To complete the project, the entire 260 linear feet of Riprap was coated with a galvanized mesh stucco mixed with hydraulic concrete from the water line to the top of the wall.

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