Seawall & Dock Repair for Eastern Shores Condominium

We were approached by the condominium  to inspect the seawall and dock along the property parameter. The underwater video inspection revealed that immediate maintenance work is required in order to extend the life of the 35-year-old seawall. SMD repaired broken cap areas. All effected pilings were coated with hydraulic radiuses. All cracks on & under Seawall Cap area were treated by ‘Life Guard’ rust converter and primer, followed by repair of 1st Grade hydraulic concrete mortar. We installed 64 X 2.5’’ Jet Filters to ensure that pressure water will be released and seawall life extended.  Upon inspection of dock, we found steel brackets on seawall to be in advanced stage of corrosion. SMD renovated all wooden structural frame and installed new decking.   Original pilings were reused.

Services Performed

Provided full video inspection

Repaired 700 linear foot radius of T Pile

Cap Restoration –60 linear feet – Partial form and rebar reinforcement

Installation of 70 Jet Filters in seawall

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