Hurricane Dorian Damage Repairs in Coco Cay, Bahamas

After hurricane Dorian hit, many areas in the Bahamas were in dire need of repairs. The Sea Me Dive crew went on a two-week job to Coco Cay that required our excellent and specialized skills. Numerous inspections were administered underneath vessels and catwalks in the water before construction began in order to efficiently identify and mark what would need to be repaired / replaced. All brackets required repair work, they were then readjusted and secured on both sides of the pier. This also included the removal of a 114-foot section of aluminum rail with forklifts and bags from the surface of the pier.

The activity above definitely kept the crew busy, and the diver’s underneath were doing just as much! Prior to the arrival of the barge they tied eight marker buoys to various sunken catwalk segments. They then provided aid in the underwater rigging of the barge crane to the individual sections of the catwalk and guiding them safely to the barge. Underwater was messy after the hurricane so they searched for and removed any debris from underneath the pier area.

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Seawall Inspection & Repair in Hollywood

We were called to inspect seawall in Hollywood. Inspection revealed cracks, erosion, and a weak cap. We added 18’’ in height with composite rebar doweled into existing cap form and filled it with 5500 PSI concrete. We matched the retaining wall cap on both sides of the property and repaired all cracks. We drove aluminum sheet piling in front of the wall and tied the new cap on top of the old one. Jet filter systems were installed at the mid tide level to ensure proper release of hydraulic pressure.

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