Residential Seawall Erosion Repair

A private riverfront estate was experiencing tidal flooding and erosion. It had a compromised seawall along half the property line and was completely exposed to the river along the rest. The open area was at the total mercy of the tides. We shored the existing 165’ Riprap wall with two new rows of concrete bags but were faced with the dilemma of how to treat the 100-foot open expanse. The solution was to build a zombie wall in the riverbed along the property line. We inserted 8 tie-back anchors (w/concrete dead-man) and pumped out the water. Mirafi erosion fabric was then applied along this new section and pegged back to the dry shore line with rebar stakes. Once all this was completed, we mobilized clean fill into the area reclaiming what the river had taken. To complete the project, the entire 260 linear feet of Riprap was coated with a galvanized mesh stucco mixed with hydraulic concrete from the water line to the top of the wall.

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Erosion Repair at Turnberry Isle Golf Course, Aventura

Our company was contacted by a Golf Course Maintenance Director to inspect two areas of the golf course that were effected by a flood condition. The inspections revealed that in the first area an embankment along one of the ponds had severe ground erosion with heavy under cutting and an unstable surface. The total area effected was about 220 linear feet. The second area inspected was effected by a flood condition. It was a concrete canal under a large waterfall, with a heavy and high water flow rate. The bed and sides of the canal were severely cracked and in some of the areas where the water seal liner was exposed, lost their concrete cover entirely. Our company was given the go ahead to conduct the repairs with an indication of having only six weeks to complete all the work; as the course was due to reopen for the winter season.

Phase 1:

Repair of waterfall flow canal area of reinforcement repair approximately 550 Sq. feet: Our Company removed all the moveable boulders and rocks from the entire damaged surface area. The area was then jet cleaned for the prepping of new anchors that were drilled without penetrating the liner seal. Steel mesh was then fastened to anchors with S’S wire shaping mesh while following countered areas to maintain the original organic rock texture. A special mix of high strength 5200 psi concrete with high strength hydraulic concrete to allow texturing with short curing time. Phase 1 was completed in ten days with excellent finish & higher impact water resistant.

Phase 2:

The shoring and anchoring of the pond embankment area was reinforced by 220 linear feet. A riprap wall was staggered-stacked with earth anchors spaced every ten feet, which were then anchored into an embankment six feet in. 5/8 rebar pegging ripraps bags to the top soil. Approximately 800 bags were used in the process after an entire wall was placed and secured following an exact ground contour. When the riprap bags were cured, rip rap walls were then jet cleaned and prepped with a bonding agent, and mortar wire mesh was installed. The top and outer face were then mortared with a special mix of mortar concrete, creating a flow-effect, textured with an emphasis on keeping a natural organic look throughout the new retaining wall. When the mortar cured, the wall was painted and color-textured to blend with its surroundings. Work was completed in 16 days.

Work performed in the past 4 years:

 Repair and maintenance of cofferdam over-flow system.

 Repair and maintenance of cofferdam flood gate.

 Installation of Jet-filter hydraulic pressure-relief system.

 Installation of batter piling supports for the wood seawall.

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Seawall & Dock Repair for Eastern Shores Condominium

We were approached by the condominium  to inspect the seawall and dock along the property parameter. The underwater video inspection revealed that immediate maintenance work is required in order to extend the life of the 35-year-old seawall. SMD repaired broken cap areas. All effected pilings were coated with hydraulic radiuses. All cracks on & under Seawall Cap area were treated by ‘Life Guard’ rust converter and primer, followed by repair of 1st Grade hydraulic concrete mortar. We installed 64 X 2.5’’ Jet Filters to ensure that pressure water will be released and seawall life extended.  Upon inspection of dock, we found steel brackets on seawall to be in advanced stage of corrosion. SMD renovated all wooden structural frame and installed new decking.   Original pilings were reused.

Services Performed

Provided full video inspection

Repaired 700 linear foot radius of T Pile

Cap Restoration –60 linear feet – Partial form and rebar reinforcement

Installation of 70 Jet Filters in seawall

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Fort Lauderdale Residential Dock Replacement

Rejuvenated Dock in Fort Lauderdale

A well-used dock in Fort Lauderdale needed a face-lift. The top decking was stripped down to the frame and a brand new exquisite dock was erected in its place. We cater to a diverse clientele. In this case an artist requested a whimsical touch to his dock to reflect his playful nature. Whatever your personal style is, we can make your dock shine.


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Buoys Chains Replacements

Our dive team were called to replace old and rusted, marine growth covered chains that were tied to buoys in commercial diving site areas. Sea Me Dive removed all old chains installed new chains. Buoys got a great face-lift and are ready for swell.

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