Seawall Inspection

Sea Me Dive specializes in seawall, dock, and pier inspections in the region. Our team will survey the seawall or near-water structure’s elevation, grading, soil properties, depth, materials, exposure to hydraulic pressure and levels, stability and condition. Often an underwater inspection by a professional diver will uncover hidden problems. There are erosion signs, missing footers and cracks that can be seen only underwater. We evaluate the condition of the seawall and provide an in-depth analysis of the overall viability and estimated life-span of the structure and will recommend required repairs. In cases of structure concerns, our video inspections are viewed by marine engineers for detailed analysis and recommendations. Inspection are followed with a detailed report, photographed and videotaped, so our clients can literally see what we see.

Did you Know?

  • Ignoring Rust in the cracks of the seawall surface can lead to seawall failure. Rust mean that salt water corrosion has begun to occur. If your seawall is rusty, you should contact Sea Me Dive who is experienced in seawall restoration, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Using galvanized hardware is a big mistake in Marine Construction. Galvanized screws, plates and ties are susceptible to corrosion. Sea Me Dive uses only Stainless-steel hardware in Marine construction.
  • Soil erosion is the process by which the surface of the land is worn away by the action of natural forces such as wind, water, and gravity. The inherent erosion potential of an area is determined by four principal factors: soil characteristics such as its permeability and erodibility, vegetative cover, topography, and climate (rainfall). The amount of erosion is dependent on a combination of these factors. Additional considerations that are particularly relevant for South Florida are storm surge and runoff. Over time, many waterside properties begin to suffer from erosion. Left unattended, this reduction of soil can result in a water breach, and potential land collapse.
  • With sea levels continually rising & adverse weather in South Florida, it is vitally important that businesses and property owners evaluate the impact erosion, flooding, or extreme weather will have on their waterfront properties. SMD provides consultation with a variety of techniques with practical solutions to reinforce and protect sea walls & all near-water structures.Marine growths hinder the proper inspection of underwater structures by obscuring possible cracks or other defects that can threaten the integrity of the structure. This growth can multiply rapidly especially on surfaces unprotected by growth resistant, anti-fouling coatings.