Seawall Repair

When in need of seawall repair, soil erosion, old rusty docks or any weather and time related effects on near water structure, repair is usually a viable option. Regardless of the size of the project, SMD works with our clients to provide the most cost-effective solution. Our clients include private home owners, co-op apartment buildings, land developers and real estate brokers and agencies. Sea Me Dive also provides home owners with consultations & inspections, and brings creative solutions for Seawalls, docks and piers. In addition, Sea Me Dive has carried out multiple projects shoring embankments along ponds, lakes, and golf courses. Our company specializes in restoring, reinforcing and shoring embankments with an emphasis on maintaining an organic look following the natural embankment contours. In order to allow for adequate drainage, a weep hole draining system is installed in the new embankment wall.

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